Our Approach

Our unique model combines training and mentoring to help young players reach squash excellence, developing players into superior students, sportsmen and leaders — both on and off the court.

We create bespoke programs built around the particulars needs, goals and skills of a player.


Squash Skills

Drills and exercises focusing on the physical skills of squash, enhancing tactical awareness.

Life Skills

Our well-rounded program includes time management, productivity, goal-setting, and other skills which are essential for success in the current sports environment.


Superior Coaches

SquashED coaches are passionate, committed, focused, gregarious and use innovative training techniques.

Our Services

SquashED offers private and semi-private lessons, clinics and tournament coaching.

Private Lessons

One-on-one performance coaching, all in sync with each player’s schedule and goals. More technical and tactical performance coaching to enhance learning experience.

Semi-Private Lessons

Combining the best of a private lesson with the nuances of playing with a peer. Sessions will be more drill-focused, enhancing tactical awareness along with technical tune-ups.


Group scenarios where players work together following a crafted lesson plan to work on specific areas of their game, whether it be physical, technical or tactical.

Our packages maximize results.

Performance Package

Delivering all your squash needs. Includes a minimum of 2 hour-long Private Performance Lessons and additional consulting for training programs, priority lesson scheduling, and tournament scheduling.

Ivy-Ready Performance

Performance Package, plus Performance Coaching at 10 tournaments per year* and consulting during collegiate application and recruitment process.
*not including expenses


In the past 9 years, SquashED has helped elevate my game, manage my busy academic schedule, and guide me through the college squash recruiting process.

— Two Time High School All-American, Two Time National Champion and 2014 US Junior World National Team Member