Our Approach

Our unique model combines training and mentoring to help young players reach squash excellence, developing players into superior students, sportsmen and leaders — both on and off the court.

We create bespoke programs built around the particulars needs, goals and skills of a player.


Squash Skills

Drills and exercises focusing on the physical skills of squash, enhancing tactical awareness.

Life Skills

Our well-rounded program includes time management, productivity, goal-setting, and other skills which are essential for success in the current sports environment.


Superior Coaches

SQUASH:ED coaches are passionate, committed, focused, gregarious and use innovative training techniques.

Our Services

SQUASH:ED offers private and semi-private lessons, clinics and tournament coaching.

Private Lessons

One-on-one performance coaching, all in sync with each player’s schedule and goals. More technical and tactical performance coaching to enhance learning experience.

Semi-Private Lessons

Combining the best of a private lesson with the nuances of playing with a peer. Sessions will be more drill-focused, enhancing tactical awareness along with technical tune-ups.


Group scenarios where players work together following a crafted lesson plan to work on specific areas of their game, whether it be physical, technical or tactical.

Our packages maximize results.

Performance Package

Delivering all your squash needs. Includes a minimum of 2 hour-long Private Performance Lessons and additional consulting for training programs, priority lesson scheduling, and tournament scheduling.

Ivy-Ready Performance

Performance Package, plus Performance Coaching at 10 tournaments per year* and consulting during collegiate application and recruitment process.
*not including expenses


In the past 10 years, SQUASH:ED has helped elevate my game, manage my busy academic schedule, and guide me through the college squash recruiting process.

— David Yacobucci, Two Time High School All-American, Two Time National Champion & 2014 US Junior World National Team Member, UPenn 2019

Through carefully crafted and personalized training, SQUASH:ED significantly improved my level of play, which opened doors for me to continue playing squash at the college level while pursuing an education that will serve me a lifetime. I attribute much of my growth as a student-athlete to SQUASH:ED's genuine willingness to help me succeed, and I could not be more grateful for my experience with the organization.

— Justin Ghaeli, Hotchkiss 2018 & Middlebury 2023

Phil and his team care about improving their players both on and off the court, which is something you don’t find in every program. I’ve trained with SQUASH:ED and coached the summer camp, both of which have been incredible learning experiences. The attention to detail that Phil and his team practice are a key component of what makes this program so great.

— Emily Rose, Hotchkiss 2018 & Princeton 2023